Problem using multipage with If and Multiselect Widget

Hi guys. I’m facing a problem while trying to create a multipage app through “if conditions”. First of all, i created a file which contais only a fews lines of code plus a menu. In this menu there are a few options the user can select. After him selecting one of them, he is redirectioned to the page. In this new page i added a multiselect widget so he can have another three options.

This new page (he is) are located in another .py file named variables_control.


The main-page are in the figure below (which are in After i a select the option in the selectbox i go to another page which are in

Here in variables control page, there is a multiselect widget which i added, so the user can decide what he wants to do:

But after a selected an option in this widget he isn’t showing a message i created in case worked…

I’ll be waiting for a hand!!!

See if this link helps you.


Hi, mate. Would be more like implementing python modules to make pages at streamlit. In your case, you brod a way to do that without modules, but at the end everything goes in one .py file, which isn’t what are i’m looking for. BTW, thx for the hand!