Problem with connecting to Github

I got the welcome mail from streamlit but it is showing:
Are you in the invite queue?
again and again whenever I try to deploy my app on the website.
It work properly and showing new app when I got disconnected to github but when I connect my github account then it shows “Are you in the invite queue?” again ?
Please look into the matter and help me.

Thanks for reporting this @Aneesh_Panchal, and welcome to the Streamlit community! :balloon::raised_hands:

@Jessica_Smith, please would you mind checking Aneesh’s issue?


Hey @Aneesh_Panchal :wave:

After signing up for Cloud, it usually takes about 2-3 business days before you’ll receive your invite and be able to deploy! Looks like your invite went out this morning and you should now have access! :balloon:


Ay man i guess you got it working? Good to have you here!