Pulmonary Disease Predictor + Dark Mode


My Project Lung Disease Predictor is now included with dark mode. I made this almost a year ago


Congrats @arnavmehta7 :sunglasses: .BTW i tried to download some images at you app but didn’t worked.

I suggestion i would give is to change the color of your background app (too dark to see clearly), put some markdowns do create a division between each topic you are bring with st.markdown("***").

Nevertheless ,good work you did! :nerd_face:

Good day @arnavmehta7 how did you hide the view source code in main menu? May I see your snippet code for it. It will help me to hide it from my users.

Best regards bosti07

@Bosti07 There isn’t a Menu in his app …

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Wooo thankss

Ah. To be honest i dont even know😅

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Yes there is. A menu i can see when i open it on my device which is already logged in. I think only the creators with logged in acc can see code in new update


Okay thanks. I think I just confused but yeah it’s all good now. Thank you for your response