(Python 3.11.3) Filtering two datasets and plotting using same multiselect filters but just first plot being shown


I am new to streamlit and python, so sorry if this is a silly mistake. I am trying to produce a dashboard with common filters for different plots. This is the code I have:

# Getting locations
locations = sorted(gva_series.ltla22nm.unique())
years = sorted(gva_series.year.unique())

# st.sidebar.markdown("### GDHI")
select_dist = st.sidebar.multiselect('District', locations,key='2')
select_year = st.sidebar.multiselect('Years', years,key='3')

# Graphs
gva_series_filt = gva_series[gva_series['ltla22nm'].isin(select_dist) &

fig = px.line(gva_series_filt, x="year", y="GVA", color="ltla22nm",
               title='GVA per hour')

pay_series_filt = pay_series[pay_series['ltla22nm'].isin(select_dist) & pay_series['year'].isin(select_year)]
fig = px.line(pay_series_filt, x="year", y="GDHI", color="ltla22nm")

The problem I have is that only the first graph is being affected by the filter, it doesn’t matter which one is first.

Hey @Eliza, welcome to our forum :balloon: and congrats for getting your first app out there already.

My intuition here: it seems like both charts actually work. But the one that uses pay_series_filt dataframe doesn’t show any line because the data might be empty after you do the filtering.

Do you mind checking what is present in both dataframes, i.e. by adding those calls?



Thank you so much! The issue was that the datasets had the year column of different types (numeric and str). After correcting that, it now works!

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