Pythonista 3 IOS App

Hello guys, i would like to know if its possible use Streamlit on Pythonista 3 IOS App?

It looks like you can install packages with Pythonista 3, so I would recommend giving it a try by installing Streamlit.

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From memory, you use StaSh to install a cmd line in Pythonista to run pip install, and you’ll notice that you can’t install any dependencies that are not pure python packages (GitHub - ywangd/stash: StaSh - Shell for Pythonista at the line)
Streamlit installs pandas and some other librairies which requires C-extensions, so it won’t work :confused:

Maybe stlite (GitHub - whitphx/stlite: Serverless Streamlit) could work instead of Streamlit but that may be a bit of an undertaking

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