Query parameters don't work in streamlit cloud

Hi guys,

I am using query parameters to store and share application state.

When developing locally everything seems to work but once deployed to streamlit cloud st.experimental_get_query_params() returns an empty object.

The URL looks like this


Streamlit cloud:

There is another forum post about this issue but the explained solution did not work for me and also sounds a bit strange.

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Hi @nflaig, and welcome to the Streamlit community! :raised_hands:

Would it be possible for you to share the code to try on our end?

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Hi @Charly_Wargnier,

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I created a simplified version of my application to showcase the issue.

Streamlit cloud URL: https://share.streamlit.io/nflaig/st-query-params-test
Github repository: GitHub - nflaig/st-query-params-test: Application to test streamlit query params

The problem is that the initial query params are empty when running the application in streamlit could but it works perfectly fine when running it locally.

https://share.streamlit.io/nflaig/st-query-params-test?a=1&b=2 => initial query params: {}

http://localhost:8501/?a=1&b=2 => initial query params: { "a": "1", "b": "2"}

Also it has to be noted that I had to write the initial query params into st.session_state else the application would behave unexpectedly when setting new query params. This is related to already exisiting forum post and github comment/issue. So my best guess right now that st.session_state works somehow differently in streamlit cloud then locally but I am not sure how I can fix the issue on my side.

Edit: I switched from streamlit built-in sessions state (st.session_state) to the custom session state solution described here which seems to fix the issue.

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Hi @Charly_Wargnier,

were there any major changes recently in streamlit cloud? Query params are broken again. There seems to be a new query parameter timestamp which is not set by my application but overwrites existing parameters. You can verify this behavior by using the following link to my application: https://share.streamlit.io/nflaig/st-query-params-test?a=1&b=2.

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Thank you for raising this @nflaig ! We will address this within the next 24 hours.

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