Radio button at the bottom of the sidebar

Hi Guys,

does anyone know if there’s a simple way to put specific button/text at the bottom of the sidebar while keeping the others in the flow (from top)?

Hi @chris_klose,

Thank you for sharing with the Streamlit community!

If I understand your question correctly, you can control the order of the widgets in the sidebar by changing the order in which they are added to the sidebar. The first widget added will be at the top of the sidebar and the additional widgets will be below that top element.



Hi @Caroline ,

i guss it was not well expressed. I am actually looking for a way to do this:

Meaning to put a new button into the red circled field. Something like:

with st.sidebar.header:

with st.sidebar.footer:

Hi @chris_klose,

Is there a reason you wouldn’t be able to add the st.button() line for the header before the lines which add the other sidebar widgets and the st.button() line for the footer after the lines which add the other sidebar widgets? Apologies if I am still misunderstanding.



Hi @ chris_klose,
You could use containers in the sidebar. Sample code and outpu is here,

Hi @Venkatesh ,

intersting suggestion, yet it’s also not really at the bottom of the sidebar, is it?
Looks to me as if it’s just below the first beta_container.


Yes, it’s not at the bottom. It will float next to the first container. If the first container has more elements then it will be at the bottom.