Raise ImportError("FigureFactory.create_distplot requires scipy")

Got this error while deployed to streamlit sharing but is working totally fine on local machine…
Appreciate if there is any advice to solve this?

webapp deployed at: https://share.streamlit.io/markchanec/streamlit/main/webapp.py
Code is at: GitHub - markchanec/streamlit: Trying out streamlit for use in full stack

Hey @markchanec,

Maybe this is too optimistic, but any chance that you have the scipy package installed locally but not as a dependancy in your requirements.txt?

I checked out this link about using plotly’s figure factory and it seems it uses scipy under the hood, I wonder if it needs to be imported on your Sharing instance. :thinking:

Would you let me know if this solves your problem?

thanks for the reply. It worked!

I added “import scipy” so that pipreqsnb can pick up to include in the requirements.

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