Read files from local directory on deployed app

Hi, I have an app that read files from directory on my machine.
It works great while being local. But when I deployed my app to the Streamlit cloud it didn’t have access to my files any more (I guess.). There is no error. It just empty folder while its not.
I checked the platform (with the line: print(platform.uname())) on Streamlit cloud and its returned:

uname_result(system='Linux', node='localhost', release='5.10.133+', version='#1 SMP Fri Jul 29 14:49:43 UTC 2022', machine='x86_64')

How do I ensure that my deployed app ‘‘knows’’ my paths from my local host?

Hi @Idank96, when you deploy an app on the internet (regardless of whether you’re using Streamlit Community Cloud or some other service), the app is hosted by a server that doesn’t have access to your local machine. As a result, the app will not be able to access the files stored on your local computer. You would need to store these files in the GitHub repository for your app instead.