Read Text input from user in for loop

Hey Team,

We are trying to generate a quiz application using streamlit. Please find the code attached here:

fill_in_the_blanks = {'questions': ['question1','question2'], 'answers': ['answer1','answer2']}
ans = []
mark = 0
with st.form(key = id_generator()):
	for i,quest in enumerate(fill_in_the_blanks["questions"]):
		x = st.text_input("Enter your answer here",key=id_generator())
	submitted = st.form_submit_button(label='Submit')
	if submitted:
		# if answers are correct then
			mark = mark+1
	st.success("Test Score - "+str(mark))

Here, i am able to populate questions within the form widget. But, am not able to read text_input answers which is created with the help of for loop. How to read text_input value from user in this case. Please do the needful here.