Reading files on startup before sessions

I’m reading a few files for parameters and load a language model into my Python program and assign them to variables in a file outside the streamlit script in order to execute.
def get_config():
Read file and assign content to INSTANCE
if INSTANCE is None.
Then return INSTANCE
import streamlit as sr

When I do streamlit run and only start with 1 tab/session it reads the file and
consecutive sessions don’t need to read the file anymore.

But when I start multiple sessions shortly after the file will be read multiple times.

I couldn’t find too much discussion about this problem but 1 obvious way is to load in files before session connects. If that’s not possible read in the files thread-safe but for this I need a Lock from the main thread afaik(?)

Hope my problem comes through and is solvable :pray:

Probably st.cache_resource could help?

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Thx a lot.

This reads exactly what would solve my problem.

Why I didn’t find this before :hear_no_evil:

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