Real-time discounts tracker with LLM App

Hi Community,

Wow, it was so easy to build a UI for my LLM App using Streamlit. I built a new LLM App to find real-time discounts from various online markets such as Amazon products. And decided to share it with you. UI is also quite simple, you choose which API or data sources you want to use to search for deals and the app can respond to your specific need for discounts.

Here is the link to the GitHub repo:


Thanks for sharing!

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Hey wow!! thanks for sharing, this is really helpful for me rn!!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Feel free to comment on what other features I can build to make the app more useful.

Maybe I need help from Streamlit community to decide which way to integrate my solution into Streamlit UI to make it more technically efficient. Currently, API talks to UI via REST and maybe we can also run the backend part as a separate subprocess ?

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