Realtime hand detector uses mediapipe

Hi guys. I’m slowly starting to learn the framework and have written a simple application using mediapipe . But it slows down a lot :smile: tell me, please, what options to write in the right way and in which direction to read. Thank you very much

my super app :))

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_webrtc import webrtc_streamer
from cvzone.HandTrackingModule import HandDetector
import av

st.write("Hello, Men :)")

class VideoProcessor:
    def recv(self, frame):
        detector = HandDetector(maxHands=1, detectionCon=0.8)
        img = frame.to_ndarray(format="bgr24")
        hands, img = detector.findHands(img)
        return av.VideoFrame.from_ndarray(img, format="bgr24")

ctx = webrtc_streamer(
            "video": True,
            "audio": False