Rebuild all changed files

I run local streamlit app and have some folder structure like:

Windows 10
Streamlit, version 1.27.2
Python 3.11.4

When I change file in root folder - all is fine. It detects changes and rebuild app. I see all changes.

But when I change something in core or core/utils folder I have a problem - it detects changes and ask to re-run app, but didn’t compile it and I have to click Refresh button in browser to re-build changes.

Is there way to re-build app after any changes?

Hi @Pavel_Agurov

You can activate the runOnSave parameter in .streamlit/config.toml to True as follows:

runOnSave = true

This should allow the app to automatically refresh upon saving the app .py file

Hope this helps!

Thanks for answer! I have this options in True. But it only works for root folder (and it seems for one subfolder). Can’t find changes in sub-folders.