Reload Data for PinnedBottomRowData

Hi Everyone,

I am using the aggrid component with a key, and using the reload_data argument to selectively update the data displayed. This works well for the main body of the table, but not for the pinned bottom row data.

I am calculating the pinned data in python as a data frame, and then supplying to the grid options:

gb_grid_options[‘pinnedBottomRowData’] = totalsDataframe.fillna(‘’).to_dict(orient=‘records’)

Is it possible to update the pinned bottom row data, without redrawing the whole table?
It looks as though there is a function in aggrid to refresh the data using an api:

Is it possible to access this api from streamlit?

Thanks for your help,

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Same issue here :frowning:

Hi, we hit the same issue. Following fix to streamlit-aggrid itself is working for us: update pinned top and bottom rows on reload_data by geertjan-garvis · Pull Request #228 · PablocFonseca/streamlit-aggrid · GitHub