Remove, avoid empty array,list being viewed


I’m new using nice tool - streamlit and I would like to know how to avoid empty array or list be viewed.
I’m creating some pandas tables wich I can show without any problem with st.write() …
however, before the table, I see "empty " list with null values.
I have 12 like:
No idea why it appears if I do not have any st.func() for example.
Any help or guide is very appreciated - Thanks

Hi @Dicast, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you be more specific? Maybe if you post a code snippet we can see what the issue is.


Hi Randy, tks for your reply.


I have uploaded an image. I think, it is easier, thereby, you can see the list/array empty being showed.
First func in my code related to streamlit, is st.title(‘Starting at:’,time), but, you can see some list before it. Also, after before next streamlit func which would be: st.write() with may pandas table “Dole”.
I´m running for loops without function, I think the interaction could be logged on streamlit through those lists… Just let me know if you need more details, please.

Yes, I’m still not understanding what your desired output is. If you can post the code you are using, then it will be more helpful.

Hi Randy,

I have posted an image in order to try explain it better,.

thanks in advance!

Basically, I just want to remove those empty lists\array and show what I choose through streamlit´s funcions like:
st.text(), st.write() for example.

Please post your code. Without knowing where the empty lists come from, I can’t tell you how to fix it.