Remove string associated with text_input

Is there a way to not have a string above a text_input object?
I’m using a selectbox with a text_input to set the values of multiple parameters and the white space between the two is really annoying to my eyes :grimacing:

Hi @Emmanuel_Pean,

It’s not possible to not display the label for a widget at the moment.

As a workaround, you could set the value of the label parameter to an empty string. However the space reserved for the label above the widget will still be there. Feel free to file an issue for this functionality if you’d like to see it added.

i1 = st.text_input("")

i2 = st.text_input("", key="different")

Congratulations @Emmanuel_Pean, yours is ISSUE 1000!! :fireworks: :smiley:

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Hi @Jonathan_Rhone,
This is what I’m using currently but it really looks bad… :grimacing: :smile:

Wonderful, :smile:… and thanks for filling the issue