Removing Build-with Spacy-Streamlit

Hi All

I love the seamless and easy integration option using spacy-streamlit and no doubt it is best.
Though at times someone might need to hide the spacy mention on their app for multiple reasons.

The code to remove “<3 Built with spacy-streamlit”, at the sidebar is:

hide_footer_styleside = “”".sidebar-content .markdown-text-container.stMarkdown {visibility: hidden;}"""
st.markdown(hide_footer_styleside, unsafe_allow_html=True)

Again, not an attempt to de-credit the team just an option provided by the awesome framework.

Awaiting your feedback and hopefully this is not exactly a duplicate topic as I couldn’t find the exact one

Rajat Pandey

Hi @rajat4493 -

That code snippet you provided is basically the same solution as this one:

The hardest part is just finding the right CSS selector to make the color transparent or white.

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