Request Google to reindex my app

I made some spelling mistakes in my Streamlit app title that appeared in search engine, (st.set_page_config(page_title=“Title with mistakenly spelled word”)). I made correction in streamlit app, but google search engine still keep the old title.I was trying to make google reindex my website( The issue is I could not find the way to verify the ownership of my Streamlit app on Google search console which is the first step for the process. This app is part of our submitted scientific journal paper. The paper is under review now. We need to fix it ASAP. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Hey @xim33 ,

No worries- Google’s search takes a while to refresh and update the url metadata.

I’d suggest you wait a week for it to update. If nothing updates, I’d suggest you redeploy the app with the proper app name.

This should resolve this issue.

Please let me know

Just wait for a week and it will refresh. Consider also redeploying with the proper name just as a backup

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