Rerun my multi page app when update it

i am running a multi-page app with structure like this: 
└─── Pages/
  └─── 1_Page1;py

then I run my code with:

streamlit run ""

but when I change a part of my code after that it did not seem to do something in the internet page that was launched. I also click o the Rerun button but nothing happens.

I need to close the internet page and relaunch streamlit run "" to have my modification taken into account.

It is strange because when I did not use mutli-page, it works perfectly and Rerun button works fine.

Rectification: it seems that even when I am running streamlit run ""the Rerun button doesn’t work. It seems impossible to Rerun my app

Rectification2: it seems that when I copy my file in an other directory it works fine !
is it linked to the structure of my folder ?

Thx for your help.

I think I found my error:
it is because I named Pages instead of pages the folder !

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