Reset select box upon a change in multiselect


I am new to streamlit and I am trying to reset the select box to the original state once there is a change in the multiselect options. Below is the code I am using:

text = st.sidebar.selectbox(
    options=["", "text1", "text2"],
    format_func=lambda x: "Select a text" if x == "" else x,

def multiselect_on_change():
    text = None

multi_select = st.multiselect(
    "Choose an option",
    ["option1", "option2", "option3", "option4"],

Now in the start, selectbox shows Select a text and I am selecting text1 in select_box and option1 and option3 in multiselect and then do something. After this, I am removing option1 from the multiselect through the UI and now I want to reset selectbox to Select a text.

Is there any way I can achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help.