Resource limit when multiple users using the app at the same time

I wonder when multiple users using an app at the same time, if they share the 1GB limit or they all got their 1GB separately?

No, that is for the application.

My app allows user to choose one from four models. After the user choose the model, the app will load the model weights and rebuild the model.

When I switch back and forth the models in one browser tab, everything works fine.
But if I open the app in another tab and load a different model from the previously loaded one, the app crashes.
If I use another browser and load a different model, the app crashes.
If I use another computer, open the app and load a different model, the app also crashes.

That’s what makes me thinking if all the users using the app share the 1GB limit, maybe because of the way I design the app.

I already know that 1GB could only hold one model. If I rebuilt a second model without cleaning the cache, the app would crash. Since it works fine if only one viewer is using the app, I think I do clean the cache successfully.

my app:
my repo: Github- streamlit/

The resources are assigned per application. If two users are using two models at the same time, both models count against the application’s limit.

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