Riskfolio module not found when launching Streamlit - works from command


When I try to run this .py using “streamlit run app.py” I get the following error saying the module does not exist but when I run it locally the .py works ok. I also do have the module installed as the app can run ok, with no problems from editor.

Please can you tell me how to fix it?

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Can you share the contents of your requirements.txt file?

Also, are you using a virtual environment for your local development?

Hi Tony managed to solve this. Not using a requirement text file as it is run locally in my IDE for now.
What happened is the .py first launched on the conda base then went on to my conda environment. Conda environment had the module but not the base env and that created the error. Now pip installed the library on both base and env works great as usual. Thanks for the help!

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