Run out of resources

Hello :wave:,

I successfully deployed my app on streamlit cloud but i’m running out of resources frequently. GitHub - angelicaba23/app-super-resolution at dev
I check the documentation and i tried to use:


But i’m not quite sure if i’m doing well cause im still having the same problem, the app crash:

  • after 2 or 3 use on PC
  • when charging an image on the phone

and have to manually reboot it.

i’d appreciate any advice to improve my code.

Thanks! :smile:

Hi @angelicaba23

Can you try replacing tensorflow with tensorflow-cpu in requirements.txt file? It will save you around 300 MB of resources, and could potentially solve your problem.


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@Kanak Thanks!!It seems to work.

may you know why im getting this error :sos:

No module named ‘torch’.

Pytorch seems to be listed in your project’s requirements. I have no idea whats causing this error.
Can you post a few lines of the logs before this error occurs?

Hi :wave: @Kanak !

Sure! im sending the log file.