Run streamlit app using weigths which is in lfs format in github

place my app runs smoothly on my machine, but when I uploaded the files to git, the app gives the following error:

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The app runs smoothly on your local machine as you have locally installed all your Python dependencies such as numpy, Pillow, etc.

When deploying your app to Streamlit Cloud, you need to specify your Python dependencies in a requirements.txt file uploaded to your repo.

I would suggest using pipreqs to generate your requirements file.

To resolve this specific error message, include opencv-python-headless in requirements.txt.

Source: ImportError cannot open shared object file No such file or directory - Streamlit Docs

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Deu certo!

Para resolver essa mensagem de erro específica, inclua opencv-python-headless em requirements.txt .

Fonte: ImportError não pode abrir o arquivo de objeto compartilhado Não existe tal arquivo ou diretório - Streamlit Docs

este link é ideal


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