Save a Dataframe as .CSV in Github automatically

Hi guys!

I´m trying to do a app where I can upload a Dataframe as csv which is constantly updating, this in order to simulate a data entry in real time and to be able to plot.

I’ve tried with several codes, PyGitHub more tha anything, but I haven’t had any luck and I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been complicating the solution too much.

My doubts here are, How can I upload a Dataframe automatically to my github repository? and some recommendation to graph in an animated way? since in the initial tests the matploblib .animate() command did not work

thanks in advance!

I am at a dr’s office lobby so not able to research this but think you can do it using git hooks.

Thanks for de suggestion, I´m relative new so I have never hear about git hooks, Im gonna research about it

Thanks again

Unless the data has to be written to GitHub for some reason, then I agree, I think you are making it too complicated.

In general, an “auto-commit” pattern to GitHub really isn’t one of its strong suits. Rather, your pattern is more database-like. The most simple way to accomplish what you’re trying to do would be using a public Google Sheet (assuming the data isn’t actually sensitive):

Just write to the sheet, when the user hits the submit button, Streamlit will read back from the sheet and then plot the results.