Saving Uploaded Files to The Streamlit Page

Hi all !

I am trying to create a streamlit platform that can be used by multiple users.

I would like for the page to have the capability to store uploaded files to the streamlit page, that is if multiple users are using the same streamlit page, if one person were to upload a file they have the option to save said file to the page and then other users will be abe to VIEW that uploaded data without having to have the original file.

If possible I would like the page to be able to have multiple files uploaded and have a selection table to allow users to pick a previously uploaded file or use the file uploaded system that is currently being used.

Thanks so much in advance!

While you technically can write to your container on Streamlit Cloud just like you would a local environment, I do not recommend you plan to do so for storage purposes. Anything your app saves through the process of executing is at great risk of disappearing. This is because any added files will be deleted if the app ever reboots. When the app reboots, it will start over from scratch, downloading everything from GitHub (so not including any files your users added).

I recommend finding some external storage solution and using an API to read and write to it. You could use Google docs, for example, but the choices are near infinite.