Scalability: How well does streamlit scale?

This may be a novice question but im really interested in the answer. I find streamlit super easy to use but I read a lot about scalability issues. However, from people I’ve spoken with, many companies use streamlit! Can you help me squish the narrative that streamlit does not scale well?

Say for example, if I were to deploy an app and have 1000+ users use the app daily to view different segments of data in data editors as well as add their own inputs that impact their viewed output charts etc. How well would Streamlit handle this?

I’m interested in this answer too. I come from a finance background and I was able to build a web application a lot faster than I thought I could. I tried looking for answers on the scalability too, and I found some alternatives like Render, Heroku and Ploomber. But am not happy with how they price their services. And streamlit community cloud only allows a limited resource which is kinda sad.

This should help answer at least part of your question: Make apps faster by moving heavy computation to a separate process

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