in config.toml we have options backgroundColor & secondaryBackgroundColor.
But only textColor. Which means 1 text color for 2 backgrounds.

Which limits the “pretty” combinations of colors.
For example, text=black, background=white, secondary=black. Has good display in main page, but bad display in sidebar.

So would be possible to add the option secondaryTextColor in “config.toml”?


Hi @iuiu,

Thanks for posting!

Are you looking to change the colors of the text?

If yes, this might be of help:

Colored text, using the syntax :color[text to be colored], where color needs to be replaced with any of the following supported colors: blue, green, orange, red, violet.

import streamlit as st

st.markdown('Streamlit is **_really_ cool**.')
st.markdown("This text is :red[colored red], and this is **:blue[colored]** and bold.")
st.markdown(":green[$\sqrt{x^2+y^2}=1$] is a Pythagorean identity. :pencil:")

If this is not what you’re looking for, please provide more explanation and example.

hi tony,
thanks for the hack & quick response.

Pitty is the “:color[txt]” doesn’t accept black or white, which is the usual color text.

To put an example, i want, a black sideBar with white text. And white main page with black text.

To achieve this with a typical sideBar with buttons, text-input, etc. you need to go very low lvl with css.

That’s why, i think a “secondaryText” in config.toml would make more sense.

Another option, not so clean, but effective, would be to add black & white as options to “:color[txt]”

Yes, for now, the hacky way is to use CSS with st.markdown to edit the sidebar as needed. Let me know if you run into any issues building that part.

i’m using css, but code now is less accessible for “only python” users. Having secondaryText or “:white[text]” would be preferable

that said, i’m stucked on making " st.checkbox" white (White text in config.toml is black).
Cause the css class for text (As far as i understand) is .stMarkdownContainer (and not .stCheckBox)

.stCheckbox > label {
color: white;
doesn’t work. and
.stMarkdownContainer > label {
color: white;
makes a lot of widgets in the main page go with white text


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