Secrets management

Is there a way / planned way to load secrets?

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Hi @Ian_Calvert, we’ve highlighted your message internally, so one of our engineers will hopefully get back to you shortly with our plans.

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This feature is on our roadmap, but we’re still not sure exactly when we’re planning on releasing this. A couple of users have asked already, so rest assured it’s high on our priorities.

It would help us to know how you’re planning to use secrets / environment variables across your streamlit app – would really appreciate anything you can share here.

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I’ve often got a variety of API keys, database passwords and credential files that are required to access various services. A way of having files that get copies into some location would solve the issues for me, and that would be required for some use cases.

Edit - being able to specify locations would mean I can copy a credentials file to the standard one for aws

This is probably my biggest request as well.

Right now I only have a single secret that I need to manage: my Weights and Biases API key. I currently have a text_input in the app where I can post the API key, but that limits the application usage to people who have knowledge of my API key (me).

I would love to be able to go into the UI and add a list of key value pairs for a given app that get loaded in as environment variables at container runtime.


+1 here.

a way to put in env variables, would be great.
I use them for was keys, to access dynamodb etc.

A hint could be to look at Heroku, how they do it.
it just a simple table, where you can add env variables, that get’s picked up by the container.

btw. other than that, it looks really great. So keep up the great work :slight_smile: