Selectbox doubt

I am using st.selectbox to display images as I change de input on a box. Instead of showing just 1 image I am passing a list of images per selection on a box. It works great, but above the selectbox is showing a list with the dictionary that I create. How do I discard this ?

Hello @gmg16 , welcome to the community :slight_smile: !

I am not sure I have understood everything about your problem :confused: are you able to provide a small reproducible code snippet with random data so we can better visualize the workflow of your application?


Thanks for the help. The code is this bellow.

dic_imagens = {'name1':[pic1,pic2,pic3], 'name2':[pic12,pic13,pic14]}
pic = st.selectbox("Title", list(dic_imagens.keys()))
st.image(dic_imagens[pic], use_column_width=True)