Selected_row reporting

Isnโ€™t it possible to retrieve in streamlit the row that a user selected in a table? I tried to achieve this with the ag_grid extension, but this extension is buggy and does not work well with the current version of streamlit. At least I am not able to get any row selection feedback from it. I would highly appreciate if some simple interaction mechanisms (apart from editing) would be added to streamlit, above all selected_row reporting. If someone has a workaround, please let me know.

Could you tell us about your use case why you want the row selected by the user?

Of course: I have a document list. Whenever the user selects a document (e.g. clicking on it) a certain functionality should be invoked, such as displaying the document in a new browser window, providing an AI summary of the document, โ€ฆ

Other use case. I have a list of files. Whenever the user selects a row (a file), a document list is displayed.

In one of the answers I had, selecting a row in a dataframe on the left-side and showing the content of the pdf on the right-side based from the selected row, in a way I showed how to get the row index of the selected box in a dataframe.