Selective Coloring in ) function

So I’m using ) to highlight those specific cities with a population threshold more than 700,000. However, is there a way to change the colors of these points? Let’s assume I wanna demarcate cities with population >= 700,000 and cities with population <= 700,000 with different colors, how do I achieve this?
The code I’m using is :“population >= 700000”)[[“latitude”,“longitude”]].dropna(how=“any”))

India is my dataset which contains city name, latitude, longitude and the population of that particular city.

Hi @ritwik_lal, welcome to the Streamlit community!

It’s important to note that is a convenience function for quickly plotting on a map. If you want to be more involved, there are several choices.

Within Streamlit, there’s a second function st.pydeck_chart that allows you to write a specification through Python to create customized layers:

Additionally, I just released a Streamlit Component for Folium:


Thank you very much. Will surely check it out :slight_smile:

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