Selenium web scraper - ModuleNotFoundError

Hello everyone,

I am having some issues when trying to deploy a relatively simple app using Streamlit Cloud. It uses Selenium for website scraping. My GitHub repo is here: GitHub - dkujo/scraping_zse: scraping ZSE stockmarket - you can see the complete code and app description.
I use Conda and have placed eviroment.ymlt file in repo.
My Python version: python==3.9.7
My Streamlit version: streamlit==1.2.0
Windows 10 is installed on my machine.

Screenshots of the displayed error:

Hi @Domagoj_Kojundzic, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Your file is named environment.ymlt…remove the t from the end of the file name.



Thanks @randyzwitch it was a typo, my bad.
Now I struggle with this problem:

I tried a few things without success (deleting and recreating the app, using == instead of = in enviroment.yml file, removing chromedriver.exe from repo).

Can you please help me?