Senior Product Manager - SIS [Snowflake ❄️]

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Snowflake :snowflake:

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Senior Product Manager - SIS

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San Mateo, California (USA)

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  • Be the voice for these prospects and customers throughout Snowflake, and be the voice of Snowflake back to the same prospects and customers.
  • Be responsible for the ultimate success of your product area.
  • Work in a cross-functional and collaborative role spanning several teams such as product, design, engineering, marketing, sales and support.
  • Work hand in hand with customers, engaging in frequent conversations both onsite and in customer offices to understand their needs, gather feedback, and overall ensure that product direction is in tune with customer needs. You’ll often go stretches where you’re talking to multiple customers every day, and you’ll rarely go more than a week without a deep customer conversation.
  • Be able to understand the breadth of our product line and how customers use it, as well as technical details especially in owned areas.
  • Have experience defining a product vision and roadmap and managing incremental execution through successful launches.
  • Have experience executing world-class user experiences that are pixel perfect and delightful to the last detail.
  • Thrive in the dynamic environment that comes with being part of a fast-moving company. That means flexibility as well as dealing with ambiguity.
  • Be highly data-driven, knowing how to get, understand, and use data to make the best possible decisions.
  • Have 5+ years of relevant experience in a technical role.