Sentence-transformers using cpu on local machine while using streamlit despite having GPU enabled

Hello, I was trying to run GUI for a sentence-transformers model using streamlit, however streamlit does not seem to use my GPU locally as it gives me the following message: Use pytorch device: cpu. When not using streamlit I can use GPU properly can anyone help me with this?y

tagging @randyzwitch because I saw you replying to similar questions earlier

I tried to run pytorch gpu with streamlit locally. It works fine.

import torch
import streamlit as st

st.write(f'**cuda is available:** {torch.cuda.is_available()}')

x = torch.randint(1, 100, (100, 100))

x ='cuda'))

res_gpu = x ** 2
st.subheader('gpu result operation')


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Hey @ferdy thanks for your response, so, this problem does not arise when I am using torch specifically, but does when I use sentence-transformers. Have changed the question accordingly

I tried it with sentence-transformer and it worked just fine.

from sentence_transformers import SentenceTransformer
import streamlit as st

model = SentenceTransformer('all-MiniLM-L6-v2', device='cuda')

#Our sentences we like to encode
sentences = ['The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.']

if st.button('run'):
    #Sentences are encoded by calling model.encode()
    sentence_embeddings = model.encode(sentences)

    #Print the embeddings
    for sentence, embedding in zip(sentences, sentence_embeddings):
        st.write("Sentence:", sentence)
        st.dataframe(embedding.tolist(), use_container_width=True, height=300)


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Which sentence_transformers version did you used. In mine it says NoModuleFoundError. If you could show your requirements.txt