SEO for streamlit app deployed on heroku

I have made an app using streamlit and I have deployed it on heroku with my custom domain. But when i search for my app on google it shows up like this:

my app is found at, and i have setup pagename, title, and description using st.header, st.pageconfig, st.write. But nothing from there is showing up.
I have enjoyed using streamlit and it made making my app easy and I want to continue using it. Please help me fix this issue.

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Hi @biruk I am too facing the same issue. I do not believe there is an easy fix for this unless you go directly into root folder of streamlit and edit the title/favicon there. This becomes more difficult to do when you use 3rd party hosting like Heroku, AWS, etc. I have been pushing for this to be a customizable feature that is easier to access like the .TOML file. I would recommend checking out this discussion Updating Title/Description of app in Google Search - #6 by dataprofessor