Sharing Article about Streamlit App on Streamlit's blog

I created an app with my team and I would like to share a post about it.
I was wondering if it’s possible to publish an article on Streamlit’s blog.

thanks for your time,

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Hi Matteo,

Would love to look at your app and discuss the possibility of a blog post!

Sent you an invite to meet on Zoom (let me know if this day/time works for you).


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Oh, thanks for your time!
We’ll meet the next week on Zoom


Hi Ksenia,

I recently built a data management, analysis, and visualization app with Streamlit. It works as a portal using custom html to connect to multiple other Streamlit apps, Django authentication for access control, reading data from Snowflake (or GCS), making updates, using existing Streamlit components like st-aggrid, writing back to Snowflake (or BigQuery and GCS), analyzing the data and creating custom visualizations.

I’d also like to discuss the possibility of publishing an article on Streamlit’s blog.

Thank you,

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Hi @Itee

Sounds like a very interesting and feature-packed app!

I think Ksenia would love to discuss with you further on your blog idea. Let me ping her about this.

Best regards,

Thanks, Chanin @dataprofessor

Can’t wait to hear back!

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Thank you for reaching out, @Itee! Just sent you an email. Can’t wait to hear more. :heart:

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