Showing multiple databases separately

Hello everybody.I built 4 functions, each one loads a csv file. I wanted to make a selectbox to show the raw data of these files individually, and besides showing the raw data, I would like to show some filters on each csv file separately, but I’m not getting it. Does anyone have an idea?. thanks.

Hi @jonatapaulino, Will you mind sharing your code here indicating where you are stacked at to allow other members help you

@jonatapaulino Have a look at this solution I built, which could serve as a nice back-end for what you want to achieve.

let’s say fun1, fun2, fun3, fun4 are the functions which load csv files.

let me know something else you are expecting…

@wilson_uzziel I will share my code here.

@Venkatesh I will test to see what happens.

@asehmi I’ll take a look to see if I can do it.

@Venkatesh file1, file2… would it be the functions that load the data?


You can put an if cond after sel_file if you want to customize the names in the selectbox

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Many thanks to everyone who made the effort to help me. @Venkatesh , @asehmi and @wilson_uzziel .