Side by side chatbox components with multithreading?

I have questions about building a chatbot tool in Streamlit. I want to have a side by side chat results comparison with streaming such as the ones in

Would this be possible in Streamlit? I suposse I need to use multithreading for having both chats, but my doubt is if Streamlit allows such a simmilar interface or functionality.

Hi evh,
You can build a chat-bot using Llama-2 Chatbot in streamlit itself.
Streamlit officially posted a blog and a youtube video few weeks ago.
Blog : How to build a Llama 2 chatbot
Youtube Video :

Hello, thanks for your reply. I know I can build a chatbot with streamlit.

My question is: can I have a side by side chatbot as I show in the link I posted? There you can see two chats that receive the same input and execute and show the output in parallel. Is this possible in Streamlit?

Hey @evh, I think it is poosible to create side by side chat results with Streamlit. Since, Streamlit doesnโ€™t support multithreading out of box, but you can achieve the side by side chat by using combination of Streamlitโ€™s components.

Hope this will help you!!

Hello, @evh
I am attempting to display two chatbots on a single page using Streamlit.
Have you resolved the issue mentioned above?

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