Side by side chatbox components with multithreading?

I have questions about building a chatbot tool in Streamlit. I want to have a side by side chat results comparison with streaming such as the ones in

Would this be possible in Streamlit? I suposse I need to use multithreading for having both chats, but my doubt is if Streamlit allows such a simmilar interface or functionality.

Hi evh,
You can build a chat-bot using Llama-2 Chatbot in streamlit itself.
Streamlit officially posted a blog and a youtube video few weeks ago.
Blog : How to build a Llama 2 chatbot
Youtube Video :

Hello, thanks for your reply. I know I can build a chatbot with streamlit.

My question is: can I have a side by side chatbot as I show in the link I posted? There you can see two chats that receive the same input and execute and show the output in parallel. Is this possible in Streamlit?

Hey @evh, I think it is poosible to create side by side chat results with Streamlit. Since, Streamlit doesn’t support multithreading out of box, but you can achieve the side by side chat by using combination of Streamlit’s components.

Hope this will help you!!