Simple Logging - Am I missing something obvious?

I’m facing issues with the logging of one of my apps so I tried to go back to the most simple possible logging:

import streamlit as st
import logging

st.write("This is a test!")"This is a logging test")

But when deployed on Cloud, no info will show on the logs:

[07:48:24] πŸ™ Pulling code changes from Github...
[07:48:26] πŸ“¦ Processing dependencies...
[07:48:26] πŸ“¦ Processed dependencies!
[07:48:27] πŸ”„ Updated app!

Am I missing something obvious?

Have a look on this Logs are not printing on community cloud

Hi @ferdy,

I had already reviewed that post.
I noticed that when using logging.warning or logging.error, the messages were properly displayed to I β€œforced” the logging level to INFO in the config.toml and in the script:


And now it’s back to normal :man_shrugging:

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