Simple web publishing system

Hey everyone,

This app is an effort to share a simple web publishing system, enabled by Streamlit, which can display both text based and interactive code-based posts , which could be used for blogging, documentation etc…

Posts can be written in .md or .py files, including front matter to display a title, date, tags and contributing authors. Save your posts in a folder and then the app takes care of arranging and displaying all posts.

It’s a basic alternative to something like Jekyll + GitHub pages, with the interactive capabilities made possible by Streamlit.

Setting this up for your own project is easy. All code is within, and instructions shown on the app.


HEY @kierancondon,

Nice to see you here again! Well done on your app!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Very cool concept! Will be even cooler once streamlit supports nav bars to make it feel more like a blog. Keep up the good work!

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