Size limit for multiselect

Hi guys, how are you? I am having an issue to use multiselect as my main filter. Is it possible to limit the number of rows (or height/size)? The widget becames huge with a lot of options.

Hi @digoplbr,

Have you checked out the doc? You can use max_selections (int) to specify the maximum number of filters.

@Caroline The problem is that I don’t want to limit the amount of options to the user. I want to allow them to select as many as they need. The only issue is the size of the widget. It must be limited to something around 40px (height). This parameter locks the amount of options chosen. In my case, it is a visualization issue.

There isn’t a built-in option for limiting the size of the widget (there’d be some complicated decisions there, e.g. should the selected options get smaller and smaller to stay within the size limit? or should the user be prevented from selecting more options once the widget reaches a certain size?). I think your best option would be to set a max number of selections that gives you the approximate widget size you’re looking for.