So, how to use Selenium in Streamlit Cloud?

I have been trying to deploy a Selenium Webscrapping app with Streamlit. Has it changed in the last few months?. I have been following the comments around here or even trying to replicate the example here GitHub - Franky1/Streamlit-Selenium: Streamlit project to test Selenium running on Streamlit Cloud to no avail. I’m always hit with " ‘chromedriver’ executable needs to be in PATH." or “/home/appuser/.wdm/drivers/chromedriver/linux64/107.0.5304.62/chromedriver unexpectedly exited. Status code was: 127”.
Is this still posible? Do I need to change/add something to requirements.txt / packages.text?

Hi @Pablo_Anima,

Have you checked out this thread on using Selenium with Streamlit Community Cloud?

Hi @Caroline, thanks for your response.

Yes, I have checked that thread and neither @andfanilo 's or randyzwitch 's (sorry I can only mention 2 users as a new user) solutions seem to work for me.
For example, running @andfanilo 's code verbatim locally (locally I don’t have any problems with my own code), the error appears when finding elements by XPATH (because the syntax of that command has changed of course), but when running it online the error appears (like in my own code) before, when calling the driver. In this case the error says: “Expected browser binary location, but unable to find binary in default location, no ‘moz:firefoxOptions.binary’ capability provided, and no binary flag set on the command line”.
It seems aligned with the type of problems I’m having where it doesn’t seem to be able to find the browser/driver.