Sometimes input widgets/buttons are repeated on same page...we get rid by clearing chache


sometimes input widgets/buttons are repeated on same page…we get rid by clearing cache. other times it doesn’t cause any problem, not able to figure what particular situation leads to it…its happening since months…upgrading regularly to latest version of streamlit. mysetup is windows7, mongodb on localhost, multipage streamlit webapp

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st.markdown('Will share code of page when problem happens next time')

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Without seeing you code, I can only take some wild guesses. Generally, I’d avoid using widgets inside cached functions. There is some experimental support for it, but it is just that–experimental.

If you use any callbacks, I’d also avoid including widgets there, too. Callback functions will write to the top of the page before the next script run, but whatever is written by a callback will immediately disappear.

If you could post your code or a link to your GitHub repository, maybe someone will be able to see something to point out.

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