Spacing between the streamlit_feedback package's thumps up/down buttons and text


I am using the streamlit_feedback GitHub link to create thumps up/down buttons for my conversational chat application. However, the spacing between the chat text last line and the thumps up/down icons are quite large.

I contacted the creator of the streamlit_feedback program and he said: "I’m not familiar with this interface in streamlit. Unfortunately though there is not much more I can do with the spacing inside the component, it looks like the spacing imposed by streamlit. "

My question to the streamlit community is how can I minimize this spacing effectively? Please let me know if there are any solution.

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:
I have included the streamlit_feedback related code only. Please check out the chatbot_thumbs_app() example here for the complete program.

# Feedback callback
def _submit_feedback(user_response, emoji=None):
    st.toast(f"Feedback submitted: {user_response}", icon=emoji)
    return user_response.update({"some metadata": 123})

# Feedback args
feedback_kwargs = {
    "feedback_type": "thumbs",
    "optional_text_label": "Please provide extra information",
    "on_submit": _submit_feedback,

# Display chat messages from history on app rerun
for n, message in enumerate(st.session_state.messages):
    if message["role"] == "user":
        avatar = "images/human.png"
        avatar = "images/chatbot.png"

    with st.chat_message(message["role"], avatar=avatar):

    if message["role"] == "assistant" and n > 1:
        feedback_key = f"feedback_{int(n/2)}"
        if feedback_key not in st.session_state:
            st.session_state[feedback_key] = None


Actual behavior:

As you can see, the spacing is quite large (red double-head arrows):

Debug info

  • Streamlit version: (get it with $ streamlit version) – 1.27.0
  • Python version: (get it with $ python --version) – 3.10
  • Using Conda? PipEnv? PyEnv? Pex? – Conda
  • OS version: macOS 13.6
  • Browser version: Chrome 117.0

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