Spacy models + SeleniumBase | Streamlit Cloud Deployment Error "egg_info did not run successfully"

Hello. I recently added a Spacy model to my app that uses one of their pre-trained models to parse some words in a dataset. Ever since I added Spacy to my requirements.txt I got some dependency conflicts with seleniumbase, so instead of specifying a version, I left the versions blank so it can resolve the dependency itself. However, now I am getting the following error in streamlit deployment logs. Since this is more of a backend issue, I would like to see if anyone has any insight on this.

Here is the repository on github, everything does work fine on my local environment as I do not use SelniumBase I use Selenium 4.1.0 however for streamlit deployment I use seleniumBase as that was what was suggested in a prior post that can be found here.

This was fixed by downgrading spacy to 2.3.7, setuptools to 58.2.0, selenium to 4.0.0 and seleniumbase to 2.0.2.

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