Specifying python version


I’m having troubles deploying this app: https://prophet.streamlit.app/ (repository: GitHub - artefactory/streamlit_prophet: Streamlit app to train, evaluate and optimize a Prophet forecasting model.).

I have the following error:
“Current Python version (3.7.15) is not allowed by the project (>=3.8 <3.11).
Please change python executable via the “env use” command.”

Where should I change the python version? I would like it to run in python 3.8 but it is currently stuck to 3.7.15.

I’m using poetry for dependency management, here is the pyproject.toml file:

Thanks in advance

Hey @MaximeLutel, have you checked out our docs?

Hi @Caroline,
Yes but the app is already created, so I don’t have the “advanced settings” section you mention, where I could choose the python version. Is it possible to change the python version after the app creation? I would like to keep the same app and not delete it, as it is in the gallery and it has a specific subdomain name.

You would have to delete the app and then re-deploy it to change the Python version unfortunately