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  1. Days of dealing with the statefulness (and lack of it) of Streamlit widgets, giving up and ending up creating CLI and GUI executables
  2. Returning after months to finally figure out a compromise between the UX and widget statefulness
  3. ~40 commits of trying out how to get playsound/pyaudio to work on Streamlit cloud (had to settle down for Streamlit’s native audio widget)
  4. Final few hours tinkering with the UI…

I’ve finally been able to publish a working version of my Streamlit Spellbee app :rocket:

If you are into spelling, you would love this!

App: https://spellbee.streamlit.app
Github: GitHub - SiddhantSadangi/spellbee: Interactive desktop Spellbee app

As always, feedback is more than welcome.

P.S. - Yes, there are still a few rough edges UX-wise. I’d love to hear suggestions, and PRs are more than welcome


Some users reported that the audio playback wasn’t working on iOS. This is now fixed.

So all the Apple users can now start spelling :wink:

very cool app! I’m a self-proclaimed streamlit app hunter who is drawn to clever/unique ideas and pushed away from concepts I see people copy over and over - this one stands out in the clever/unique category. Two feature enhancements that immediately come to mind, but you’ve probably already explored (1) multiple voice options. For example, user can hear Bob, Aditi, or Lisa say the same word with slightly different accent. I’ve played with various text to speech applications and the accent can make quite a bit of difference. (2) updated leaderboard. Probably not an easy option for this but would be cool if you could pull a leaderboard from database (ie snowflake), update it accordingly, display to user with their rank.

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Thanks for the kind words and the feature suggestions.

The leaderboard is something I have thought about, and will try to implement after I’ve made a few changes to the scoring mechanism.
The multiple voice options idea is brilliant and something that had skipped me. The current TTS library I am using does not let me do this, but I found one which does. I’ll test it out a bit and add it to the app if it delivers.

Thanks again, and stay tuned for enhancements :smiley:

Hi @SiddhantSadangi,

This is certainly a fun app to play around with but for entertainment and for education.

Have you thought of adding a “theme” feature where users can for example choose to have words that centers around specific themes such as words pertaining to “sports”, “food”, etc.

Thanks for creating this app!

Best regards,

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Thanks, and my pleasure! :slight_smile:

I’ve considered theming the words, starting with filtering our age-restricted content (given that high-schollers also use this).
I’ve a plan in mind, need to see how well it implements.

I’ll keep the thread updated.

@ksoderholm22 - I was experimenting with pyttsx3 for multiple voice and speed options. It worked very well in my local environment (Windows) but I wasn’t able to get it running on Streamlit Cloud with the below error
OSError: libespeak.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

espeak doesn’t install in the Streamlit environment, so it looks like a blocker.

Do you have any suggestions regarding any TTS API I could use? I am currently using gTTS.

I don’t have any suggestions regarding TTS API - bummer about the blocker.


Wanted to share some exciting news :smiley:

I have just added user history and global leaderboards to the app :rocket:

Would be great if you could take a look and let me know what you think :pray:
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