Spotify authorization redirect doesn't work when app is run on cloud

Hey y’all. I’ve just started using streamlit this morning, so please bear with me <3.

Setting the stage:
I’ve got a python script that requests Spotify authorization from the user on run. This authorization takes the form of a pop-up tab. This process works when the python script is run and when I run the streamlit app locally.

I’ve since deployed the app using streamlit cloud. Dependencies are there, the front-end looks right, but when I click my button (same process as when run locally) I get no redirect. The logs show the correct output, that there’s been a redirect to x url and that it’s waiting on authorization. The issue is that no redirect ever actually occurs. I get no pop-up tab. Thus, my app comes to a screeching halt, since if I can’t get authorization then I can’t get data, etc., etc., etc.

I’m using python 3.9, most recent version of streamlit (only installed it this morning), and spotipy as the python Spotify API wrapper. Please help <3